Strength Class

  A combination of interval training, functional movements patterns and resistance training make our strength classes hard work and great fun. A slighlty slower pace than our other classes as we learn correct form, tempo workouts and isolation exercises.


Burn fat whilst stimulating new muscle growth resulting in improved body composition. 

These classes are suitable for all as we can modify each exercise for any level.

Leave the class with your endorphins high and feeling great!


Each week the sessions progress learning new training modalities and training techniques.

Open to all levels



Open to all levels


Our Cardio HIIT & Bodytone classes take place in studio one. These classes focus on high intensity bodyweight exercises combined with dumbbells.

Break a sweat 

Train together, gro together.

Strength & Conditioning

This class is designed to increase strength & cardiovascular output by combining heavy compound movements with core & cardio equipment.

Get your heart rate up & burn maximum calories during this full body workout.

This classes is suitable from beginners to the seasoned gym goers.



A favourite at Gro! Our Metcon class is designed to push your strength & endurance to your limits as you train at a high intensity with very little rest.

Think compound movements, bodyweight exercises & cardio.

This class is more suited to those that are comfortable in a high intensity training setting



At Gro we believe that yoga is for everyone, regardless of ability. 

All of our classes will be a combination of asana (physical pracitce), pranayama (breathing) & meditation.

We are very aware of the daunting feeling of taking your first yoga class and strive to create a nurturing and understanding environment for individuals to begin their journey or grow within their current practice. 

We provide mats, straps & bolsters. 


Energising Flow

Vinyasa Flow, a popular form of modern yoga, the movement practised is continuous, smooth and unbroken. While class pace, style and intensity vary, emphasis is placed on harmonising the movements of the body and breath in creative sequences.

All levels are welcome in this class.

No yoga experience necessary

Stretch & Flow

Focuses on releasing the connective tissue of the body (tendons, ligaments and fascia). Poses are held for long periods, allowing the student to relax as they express patience and quiet.

Open to all levels from complete beginners to more experienced students.

No yoga experience necessary