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Increase your energy, strength & confidence

in just 8 weeks

Kickstart your fitness journey:
Private Personal Training

Our studio is private, friendly & welcoming. Feeling comfortable where you train plays a huge factor in achieving your goals.

You’ll have full access to our private personal training studio with state of the art equipment to get you working to your full potential with our trainers on hand making sure you don’t miss a rep.

Gro Wellness is brought to you by a team of results driven personal trainers with a genuine passion for what we do.

Results Driven Personal Trainers

Although weightloss & muscle gain may be the main goals of our clients we believe that feeling confident & strong within yourself should also be prioritised.

Our programs are focused uniquely on the client; we will do whatever it takes to exceed your health & fitness needs. We provide nutritional guidance, goal setting & online support for each client.

In accordance with new government guidelines we have stepped up our own high standards of cleanliness in and around the studio.
Each personal training client is assigned their own set of dumbbells, cardio equipment and barbells.

No sharing or waiting for equipment.

Torquay Personal Training

Mel was looking to increase her energy, strength & make time for herself. Mel enrolled onto our 12 Week Kickstart with Travis and never looked back!

Her strength, energy and fitness has increased dramatically all whilst consistently burning body fat.


Personal Training Kickstart Packages

Personal Training Pricing


8 Week Kickstart Program

- 2 x Personal Training Sessions Per Week
- Personalised Nutrition Guide

- Body Compostion Scanning
- Bi Weekly Check ins
- Online Support
- Online Coaching


12 Week Kickstart Program

- 2 x Personal Training Sessions Per Week
- 2 x Home or Gym Workouts
- Personalised Nutrition Guide
- Body Compostion Scanning
- Bi Weekly Check ins
- Online Support
- Online Coaching

More than just personal training.

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At Gro, we're not just in the business of personal training; we're dedicated to your lifelong well-being. Our holistic approach encompasses fitness, nutrition, mental wellness, and a supportive community, ensuring that you're not just investing in a short-term transformation, but in a healthier and happier future.


Join us today to embark on a journey to future-proof your health and fitness. Take the first step towards a better tomorrow – click the link below and schedule a consultation with our expert trainers. Your future self will thank you.

What our clients say

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Why Gro Wellness?

We have created an enviroment where people feel comfortable, and love to come and train.

For us this is the most important factor when it comes to achieving your goals. Enjoying the journey and being happy along the way creates a sustainable path to healthy lifestyle changes.

Whether you’re wanting to lose weight, increase your fitness, or simply train in a level of privacy that other gyms can’t provide, Gro can help you towards each of your goals.

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